Tips For Keeping Your Cool In A Job Interview

jobinterview-keepcool-23386771_sWhether you’ve just graduated from college and are interviewing for an entry level sales position, or you’re further along in your career and are in search of a high paying sales jobs, it’s quite normal to be nervous about a job interview.

But how can you keep a bad case of the jitters from ruining your chances of landing a great job?

Understanding why your body reacts in the way it does is half the battle to keeping nerves in check. What’s likely the culprit? Fear.

Even if you’re not afraid of going to the interview itself, the fear of rejection or the fear of feeling like a failure if you don’t get the job is very real.

Unfortunately, when your brain senses fear — no matter the source — it sets off a chain reaction of nervous energy, resulting in physical responses like finger tapping, foot shaking and voice cracking. At best, these behaviors are embarrassing, at worst, they could impact your ability to convince a hiring manager that you are right for the job.

The good news is, you can greatly reduce your anxiety by simply putting less pressure on yourself.

Of course you want the job. It represents a major step towards independence and financial freedom. But it’s not the end of the world if you don’t get it.

Remind yourself that there are lots of sales rep jobs out there, and one missed opportunity gets you closer to the right one for you.

Facing your fears and eliminating self-imposed pressure can calm your nerves in the days before your interview. But don’t risk ramping up your anxiety all over again by not being prepared when the big day arrives. Instead, take care of all those little things that could go wrong ahead of time.

What to do:

– Pick out clothes, try them on and make sure they’re clean and pressed.

– Prepare printed copies of your resume along with a notebook and a working pen.

– Even if you have a GPS, print out driving directions just in case.

– Take a practice drive so you’ll know how long it should take to get there.

– Check the weather — and just in case, bring an umbrella.

The more you invest in thorough preparation, the more relaxed you’ll be when the time comes for that interview that is right for you!