Tips for Nailing the Entry Level Sales Job Interview

job-interview-16549255_sYou’re feeling pretty good after sending out so many resumes and finally landing that interview. And, now that you’ve bought those awesome new shoes, you’re all set for your big day.

But, not so fast — scoring an entry-level sales job will likely take a bit more effort than that. Though there isn’t need to worry. Just think of it as your first sales pitch for the new company.

Do your homework

You may think you know what’s on your resume — after all, you wrote it. But you’d be surprised how quickly things you know like the back of your hand can escape your mind when you’re under pressure. The trick is to study beforehand and come to the interview prepared.

Be the solution to their problems

You want this job, and the company wants to hire someone — now you need to convince them you’re the person they want. However, a hard sell approach is likely not a good idea. Your best bet is to take a consultative selling approach making the interview process more about addressing their needs (hiring the right candidate) and helping them find a solution (hiring you).

This isn’t as difficult as it seems. Just do a bit of research on the company, and be sure you have a good understanding of their products and services as well as their overall value proposition. At the interview, ask questions that allow them to express their pain points. After listening to their concerns, assure them that you’re the right candidate by detailing how your experience and approach will address their needs.

Stay positive

Customers sometimes say “No” to a sales pitch. Good salespeople will do their best to change their minds. But what happens when an interviewer doesn’t seem convinced you’re right for the job? Try asking questions to understand their objections. Maybe they’re concerned you don’t have enough experience. If so, explain how your positive attitude and eagerness to learn from their company will more than compensate for your inexperience.

Now back to those shoes

Your new shoes are definitely awesome, but if the rest of your ensemble is not, you can forget that entry-level sales job. Wearing a nice suit to any type of corporate job interview is important, but in sales, first impressions are everything.

The style of your suite should be current, fits well, but not too trendy. It should also be properly tailored and, of course, cleaned and pressed. Now that you look good, show them your confidence. When you first arrive, smile and look the interviewer in the eye as you firmly shake their hand. These simple steps will help you nail the interview, and you’ll have them thinking “Hey, this is who we want to represent our product.”