Tips for Talking About Money in the Hiring Process

talking-about-money-16549255_sHave you been going on interviews for an entry-level marketing job without some idea of what an employer is willing to pay? If you are unable to find out the salary range before an interview, you should make sure you have some idea before the interview is over. Many first-time job seekers, however, are too nervous to ask about salary.

How do you ask?

How you ask about salary requirements depends on a few factors. If you have been called by a recruiter or someone in the hiring company’s HR department, part of his or her job is to have a thorough understanding of the pay scale and benefits for each position they’re hiring for. This means you can be a bit more assertive and ask direct questions regarding salary.

If you are interviewing in person with the hiring manager, the following tips will help you ask the important questions without damaging your chances of getting the job.

Time your question

It’s probably not in your best interest to begin an interview by asking how much the job pays. But you don’t want to leave thinking you might have a chance at this job without a clue about the salary or any of the benefits. It could be one of the best paying sales jobs — or one of the worst. At some point during the interview, the hiring manager will ask if you have any questions. This is the perfect time to ask about both salary and benefits.

Framing the discussion

Just as going on an interview for a job that’s below your salary requirement would waste your time, conducting an interview with a candidate that isn’t going to accept an offer would waste the hiring manager’s time. Politely let the interviewer know that salary and benefits are important to you and that you would like his or her insight as to what the company and this particular position have to offer.

It may be difficult to talk about money when seeking your first entry-level marketing job, but the good news is, it does get easier with practice. And when the right job comes along, your preparedness and professionalism will help you get it!