Top LogoNation Sales Rep Shares Her Secrets of Success

A sales career with LogoNation has proven to be a great fit for one of our more successful sales representatives, who shares this Q&A blog post:

Operating IndependentlyQ: What do you enjoy about your job now?

I like the fact that I manage my own time. I don’t like sitting in an office all day – I would feel trapped. With this job you control your own destiny. If you want to make more money, just go out there and work harder.

Q: Is this your first sales job, or have you had others?

Previously I sold office equipment, and worked in inside sales for a construction supply company.  LogoNation has worked out well for me. I made over $50,000 in my first year, and 2013 was my best year ever.

Q: What have you learned through this job?

This job has taught me a lot. I have improved dramatically in being able to close a sale on the spot, creating a sense of urgency so I walk out with the check. It’s not like other jobs when the sale may come much later or after several meetings. If you don’t close the sale in that first meeting with a customer, you probably are not going to succeed if you go back any time soon.

Q: What do you think are the most important skills to do well in this job?

Good people skills are vital for success in this kind of sales job. Other factors include:

  • Being able to talk with anybody
  • Not being afraid to open any door
  • Being good at cold calling
  • Not being intimidated
  • Realizing that “you never know who’s going to say ‘yes,’ and the worst thing they can do is say ‘no.’”

Q: What would you say to a recent college graduate in terms of how a job like this might benefit them?

If someone is considering going into sales, this is a great entry level sales job. You can learn a lot of people skills. You learn not to be afraid to go in and talk with people. You learn how to close a sale and walk out the door with a check. This helps you develop all ‘round as a person. It teaches you discipline – you’re out there doing your job and nobody is watching over your shoulder.

Q: What do you like about LogoNation as a company?

One of the things I like about working for LogoNation is, when you’re working in the corporate world you can’t speak directly with the owner, but this way I can call and speak directly to the owners. As a young person starting out, this can be very helpful. You know whatever you’re hearing came from one of the owners, and you can speak to them directly whenever you need to. They are good people. I like working for people who have good hearts.

I have a lot of customers who have been with me since I started with the company in 2007. They are still with me now. That says a lot. I’ve built relationships with them, and they’d be hard pressed to tell me “no” – ha ha! You have to believe in what you’re doing. It’s a good product that is going to help your customers.

Q: What do you say to potential customers to help them see the value of the Logonation “Communitees” printed t-shirt products?

I like to point out that newspaper ads may never get seen and often are thrown away after a couple of days. Look how many newspapers fold and go out of business. But t-shirts last four to five years or more. They have community information on them. People feel good about wearing them. And it’s good for businesses to give to their customers – a way to say “Thanks, I appreciate your business.” When you go the extra mile, customers appreciate it.

Q: Can you think of anything else you might like to add that would be helpful or informative to a young adult considering applying for a job with LogoNation?

For young adults or recent college grads considering applying for a sales job with LogoNation, there are not too many jobs where you can step out of college and make this kind of money. With this job you control what you earn by your commission. A lot of it boils down to discipline with yourself to keep going. I can do anything I put my mind to.

Want to learn more?

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