Using Recent College Experience in Outside Sales Jobs

sales-woman-7Outside sales is not your typical sales position. Rather than standing behind a counter selling to customers in a store (inside sales), those that take part in outside sales are out in the marketplace working directly with customers, businesses, and community leaders to find out what is happening in their territory and to really feel the market. As such, recent college graduates can provide a great untapped resource for many companies that rely on a hard-working salesforce.

College requires that students be organized, meet deadlines and create schedules, and work with other people. They need to be versatile, able to follow directions and create submissions that fit needed guidelines. These are all factors that make college graduates ideal for outside sales jobs. Attending local events, talking directly with customers, and working on tight deadlines are the bread and butter of outside sales, and recent graduates have these skills or can pick them up quickly.

Though most recent grads tend to go for jobs that are specific to their majors or courses of study, outside sales is a job opportunity that is wide open for graduates from all disciplines. Those that are seeking jobs after graduation are often far more driven than people that have been in the industry for years. These recent graduates also have a new energy that can help make for a work force that is trained, skilled, and ready to do whatever it takes to be successful.

Outside sales also requires that salespeople be ready and willing to use new methods, that they can create and institute ideas on a limited schedule, and that they are able to infuse what may be a tried and true system with new ideas to fit the ever changing market. Recent college graduates provide employers with a new work force that has great potential to accomplish high achievements in sales and business.

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