What To Expect: A Day In The Life Of An Entry-Level Salesperson

Are you a recent graduate who wants to be in control of your career? Have you considered a job in sales? Well, you should. A typical day for an entry-level salesperson can be fun and rewarding. And unlike some other careers, you can set the pace of your success, that is, if you’re willing to work hard and smart.

Day In Life - Entry Level SalesSet goals and make a plan

As with any job, you want to earn money. The first step toward doing this successfully is to set tangible goals with an actionable plan to achieve them — make them SMART. Your plan should include steps you’ll complete on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Get connected to make the sale

In your role as an entry-level salesperson, expect to spend time prospecting, networking and managing your relationships. Prospecting, the act of systematically collecting leads, will help to keep your pipeline full of sales opportunities. Through direct connections and referrals, networking can function as a method for lead generation and also help keep you and your products and services top of mind. Each lead is an opportunity to solve someone’s business problem — even make a friend. Once these leads are identified, you’ll spend time daily making connections with potential and existing clients in person, on the phone or through email.

Track results and adjust plans

Plan in place. Check. Building relationships. Check. Making sales. Check. But don’t forget to track your goal completion and sales activity. Tracking gives you direct insight into how effective and productive you’ve been over a period of time. Want to push yourself harder? Or maybe you didn’t have the results you anticipated? Based on your findings, you can decide to make adjustments to your periodic tasks or your sales goals.

So why let someone else decide how much money you can earn? With a clear, actionable plan, you can be in the driver’s seat of a lucrative entry-level sales career.