You’re Not Afraid of Sales – You Just Think You Are

Afraid Of Sales?A career in sales can be very lucrative. So, why shy away from the prospect of selling? It’s not likely that you’re actually afraid of selling, but perhaps you’re afraid of rejection or being perceived as pushy or unethical.

The term “salesperson” has gotten a somewhat undeserved reputation. Some people assume that anyone who earns their living this way may lack high standards or cares only about making the sale. This is an unfortunate misunderstanding because an entry-level sales job could turn into a great career.

Of course, there are some questionable salespeople out there. However, the same can be said for almost any profession. Truthfully, the most successful salespeople are those who take the time to care about what’s important to their customers. They also understand that rejection is part of the process as it gives them an opportunity to learn.

Don’t give in to your “fears”

There’s no need to give in to your fears. Why miss out on an exciting and rewarding career opportunity? In fact, it’s the very challenge you’re concerned about facing that’ll help make you a success.

Gain the customer’s trust

To avoid coming across as pushy, it’s important to gain a customer’s trust. The best way to do this is to let the customer do most of the talking. By asking a few key questions and really listening to their answers, you’ll get a sense of how your product may be able to help them. In addition, you’ll get a better idea of how they interact with people. Both of these things will help you better frame your sales pitch to address their needs in a style with which they’re comfortable.

Ask the right questions

Asking questions of yourself and your prospect are key to beating the fear of rejection. Sometimes “no” means, “I need more information or the timing isn’t right.” The right questions can uncover this “rejection.” Otherwise, you can turn the rejection into an opportunity to refine your prospecting and pitch. After some practice, you’ll no longer fear the situation, and instead leverage it for success greater than you had imagined!