Sales and Marketing Jobs with LogoNation


Entry-level marketing and sales jobs are a great way for recent college graduates to learn first-hand about the world of marketing and how to go from ideas to sales. At LogoNation you are given the opportunity not only to have an entry-level marketing or sales job, but also to create your own marketing job with training and guidance from the LogoNation team.

Working in marketing and sales for LogoNation, you will be assigned a territory that is typically a metro area where you already live, or within easy traveling distance. Once you are given training and shown how to work with customers and prospects by a District Manager, you are on your own to learn and practice what works. Few entry-level marketing jobs provide this kind of learning opportunity that you can build on for the rest of your career!

Some of the skills you will learn and become proficient at include:

  • Analyzing a community marketplace and identifying prospects with the best potential for making sales
  • Developing a sales message that emphasizes the benefits you are offering – making the customer’s brand better known in the community, developing community pride, and more
  • Calling or visiting local businesses, reaching the decision-maker, and presenting your offer, including expressing those benefits in a natural way, and asking the right questions to get the business person to respond favorably
  • Moving the prospect from awareness to interest to desire to purchase, so they sign a contract and make an initial payment
  • Keeping in touch with customers during the CommuniTee printing and production process so they are kept informed of progress and don’t start worrying about delivery
  • Delivering the final printed product in an enthusiastic manner and encouraging the customer to make use of the shirts in various promotional ways
  • Managing your time and financial records very much as you would with your own small business
  • Developing your confidence and capabilitis for communicating and persuading – valuable skills you’ll enjoy using for the rest of your life

Few entry-level marketing jobs offer as much learning and growth potential as LogoNation, plus the pay and benefits are outstanding. To learn more or apply for a job, contact LogoNation today at or calling 1-800-955-7375.