Frequently Asked Questions

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1. How does training work?

Your training begins with a meet and greet with your Regional Manager, where you start learning your presentation, how to handle objections, learning our price guide.

Your field training occurs in your territory and is typically four days - Monday through Thursday following your orientation. The first two days of your field training is where you observe the process of selling the CommuniTee. The remaining two days of your training, you will participate more and more in the presentation and selling process, until you are comfortable selling.

After your initial training, you will participate in six consecutive weekly ramp-up sessions with our Training and Development Coordinator. In addition, your manager will conduct regular ride alongs with you to offer ongoing training and support.

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2. Is there an office in my territory ⁄ how am I supported?

LogoNation powered by HALO is headquartered in Sterling, IL. This is our only office location. Since this is a position where you work out of your home and car independently, we make sure you are supported with regular communication and ride alongs with your manager.

In addition we have an annual company meeting, team meetings.

Also at any time during the course of the week our sales support team at our Corporate Office is available to answer your questions and help you.

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3. How does the selling process work ⁄ what is a typical day like?

Your territory consists of about 25 smaller towns where we will put together a CommuniTee for the town. You will visit local businesses in these towns and make in person sales presentations to them typically without a prior appointment. Our sales process is focused around working off of referrals as best we can in each town. Plus in the majority of our territories we have established renewal customers for you to see as well.

A typical work day would be going into an assigned town within your territory and building relationships with business owners and selling ad packages to them for their town’s CommuniTee. You will visit about 20 businesses a day.

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4. What is the schedule like?

One of the major advantages of an outside sales positon is that you have a more flexible schedule than a typical office position. Some of our more successful account managers can hit their goals in less than six hours a day of actual selling time. As long as you are consistently meeting sales expectations, we don’t focus on a set schedule.

However the official schedule is Monday through Friday 8-5, which can include your drive time. THERE IS NO OVERNIGHT TRAVEL OR WEEKEND WORK.

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5. What is the commute like?

The average commute time is about 30-60 minutes to your towns. The commute time depends on the town you are working and, of course, traffic conditions. You will have some towns closer than 30 minutes and some will be farther than 60 minutes.

We understand one of the biggest challenges of an outside sales position is the drive time. We try to alleviate that headache in several ways:

We include your drive time as part of your schedule—so you don’t leave home until most people are already at work!
We provide full gas reimbursement as soon as you start.
We provide you with a gas card after 90 days.
We reimburse you for regular oil changes.
We provide you with AAA roadside assistance membership.
And we offer you a car allowance.

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6. How does my pay ⁄ commission work?

You are paid a salary bi-weekly and your commission is paid to you monthly based off of your prior month’s sales. The details of your salary and commission plan are covered with you in the face to face interview.

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7. What's the average CAM make in my territory?

During your first year, an average performer in this position usually makes between $50-60,000. We do offer an uncapped commission structure. If you are more determined, and motivated, you can earn as much as our top performing CAMs- in excess of $90,000.

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8. What qualities do you look for ⁄ make a CAM successful in this position?

One of the major advantages of a sales position over other types of positions, is that the harder you work the more you make. So we look for qualities that show evidence of a strong work ethic and track record of success in your previous endeavors.

Our most successful Community Account Managers are persistent and competitive. They tend to be motivated by financial success and attaining personal goals. In addition, successful CAMs are personable and easy to talk to.

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9. What are the disadvantages and advantages of the positon?

A sales position can be more difficult than other types of positons (especially at first for people who are new to sales) and those challenges exist with the Community Account Manager position as well.

The disadvantages of the positon are dealing with rejection, commuting—including dealing with traffic and weather issues, and not having coworkers to interact with each day. One of the ways we like to view these challenges is as the saying goes, "The obstacle is the course." Typically the biggest obstacle for sales people is rejection and a great way to put rejection in perspective is found in the following video: Rejection Therapy Video

A major advantage of the CAM position is that we teach you how to sell to business owners and decision makers. This skill will be valuable to you for the rest of your life and career. Your career opportunities and financial rewards are significantly greater when you know how to sell.

In addition, some of the other benefits of the CAM position are:
•  A regular and flexible work schedule so that you have work life balance.
•  Unparalleled support from your managers, support staff, and the executive team.
•  Variety in your day where you meet new people and travel to new places.
•  Being out and about each day and not being stuck behind a desk.
•  Great earning potential where you are rewarded for working harder and getting results.

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10. What is the company like?

Our focus at LogoNation is promoting business pride and community spirit. We have been in business since 1998 and have put together a CommuniTee for many towns throughout the years. We don’t believe we are just selling advertising on t-shirts, we believe we are helping create a greater sense of community in small town America.

Although our focus is on promoting community, we are also sales company. And our goal is to treat our sales people as our customers. We want to make sure that even though the day to day selling aspect of the Community Account Manager position can be challenging, we want to make sure our salespeople are supported as though they are our customers.

LogoNation has successfully expanded in the marketplace by providing careers such as sales jobs, sales representatives and commission-based sales jobs that are highly appealing to job-seekers and very beneficial to communities.

We provide outstanding training and on-going sales support for our people, ranging from recent college graduates to experienced sales professionals who want something more accommodating to their lifestyle and personal values. Our program is highly effective and appealing for people looking for sales jobs or entry-level marketing jobs.

Since 2005 LogoNation has grown by at least 15% a year. We have been recognized by Inc Magazine as one of the fastest-growing private companies in America for the last several years in a row. Our vision is to be recognized by businesses and communities throughout the United States as the leader in community-oriented advertising.